Concrete Cutting Sydney Services in Construction

In the past,Concrete Cutting Sydney Services in Construction Articles jackhammers were used to break concrete. The problem with this method is that jackhammer is very chaotic and boisterous. Modern concrete cutting methods use various cutting blades and equipment to precisely cut different materials in a timely and efficient manner. Companies nowadays offer a wide range of concrete cutting services. Different strategies are utilised in each type, and they are also suitable for specific types of projects. It would be a good idea to learn about them to know which service would fit your needs best. Following are the most common types of concrete cutting services offered:


Flat Sawing – For Horizontal Surfaces


Flaw sawing is a standard concrete cutting service that is suitable for even surfaces. Generally, concrete cutting professionals use a 400Hz electric saw to cut up to 24 inches thick cement or black-top sheets. It is a lightweight, high-powered saw that can cut asphalt, development joints, bridge decks, and floors. Also known as chuck saws or flat saws, this cutting equipment is commonly used to clean and prepare splits for repair and concrete breaking.


Wall Sawing – For Vertical Surfaces


Wall sawing Sydney is another common type of concrete cutting service. It is used for precise concrete cutting on level or vertical surfaces. Wall sawing is commonly used when you need to create a new door, window, or HVAC opening. Wall saws are very powerful and can cut concrete to make ways for lifts and staircases, cabling, and more. This type of concrete cutting service is suitable for both brickwork and concrete structures. With it, you can easily make an opening in a structure to install a window or door.


Ring Sawing – For Concrete Cutting in Hard to Reach Spaces


Ring sawing is mainly used for small- and medium-sized concrete cutting projects. It is similar to chainsawing with a critical difference: it is vastly more accurate when creating holes or cutting concrete in tight spaces. Ring saws are handheld. Because of this, they are ideal to be used in difficult to reach areas. They are used for precise cutting and to prevent the concrete surface from being overcut or damaged. Ring saws can effectively cut through various solid surfaces, such as acrylic, marble, stone, and rock.


Not all Darwin Concreting Solutions cutting is the same, and each project has its own unique set of challenges. That’s why choosing the exemplary service is crucial. Before you hire such a service, it is recommended that you consult with your construction contractor or a local concrete cutting service provider. These professionals can help you determine the type of service that best suits your project.